SLAM (Robotics)

Analysing the underlying concepts and principles behind all the sophisticated algorithms of SLAM

The term SLAM is as stated an acronym for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. Mapping is all about building maps of the environment. There are a number of different methods for building maps and some of them are quite sophisticated. All these methods have in common that they build a model of the environment while also addressing the fact that the robot itself accrues uncertainty while it moves.

The Making of Burglar Alarm

Discussing the concepts behind this elementary circuit and then moving on to build it.

In the First semester along with Pranav, I tried to design a burglar alarm circuit that would go off if the burglar tripped over a copper wire. We built a small scale working model of the circuit and presented it in one of the How Things Work Session which is organised by the Robotics Club in association with the Electronics Club of IIT Bombay.

A new beginning

Here is where I make the world go round and round.

Hello everyone, this is where I start writing my blog. I’m not a writer, far from it but I like writing and I hope someone somewhere enjoys reading what I write.


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