Miscellaneous Projects

A few of my older hobby projects.

  • 2π-Mapper - This project involved developing a robot that maps an unknown environment through feedback using ultrasonic distance sensors located in all four directions, and the live map along with the movements of the robot, is updated and displayed on the laptop screen in real time.

  • Text_to_MD - Sometimes someone shares a blog written by them in Google Docs or MS Word, and we have to convert it to markdown for our site manually. Alternatively, we copy things from the internet and wish it could have been in markdown format on pasting! Well to solve this problem I have made a converter which can convert our standard documents to markdown language.

  • Asteroids - A simple replication of the classic game Asteroids made using Pygame. Can you last for 90 secs? With asteroids whizzing past you, your objective is to dodge the asteroids or blast them. In the end, you even get to know your accuracy to show how well you have done.

  • Air Hockey - The classic air hockey game made using Pygame. Also features an intelligent opponent to test your skills.

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