Fiducial Localization - 6th Inter-IIT Competition


In this project we developed a novel algorithm to solve the problem of Fiducial Localisation:

Image-guided neurosurgery systems (IGNS) play an essential role in intracranial surgery. These systems have a live CT/MRI scanning during surgeries to aid the doctor. During neuro-registration, bone-based markers or fiducials are affixed to the skull before imaging so that they can calibrate the coordinate systems of the imaging device and the actual 3D World Coordinates. As of now, the actual Fiducials are tapped by instruments, and on the other hand, they are MANUALLY marked out in the images obtained from the MRI/CT imaging. Automatic localization of these centers will help to reduce the human error in registration and speed up the registration process. In a nutshell, the task is to automatically locate these Fiducial markers from these images, so that they do not have to be manually marked out by the doctor.


The complete implementation of our algorithm can be found over here.


We presented this algorithm at the competition representing IIT Bombay and bagged the silver medal. We submitted our algorithm to BARC for commercial use for furthering the cause of Make In India.

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